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A Solution To Sadness

Sadness is a reality. It’s something all believers go through. It can be paralyzing, rendering us frozen with fear. Yet there is hope. There is something that brings joy, peace and love and sends the sadness fleeing. This solution may be more simple than you think.
A Solution To Sadness

Happy Friday everyone. You made it. Well done.

As we head into the end of this week and look ahead to another, it is easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed. Life has a way of kicking the air out of our lungs and cause us to become anxious, angry, sad or unresolved in our thoughts and feelings. This happens a lot. There are times we do not understand what God is doing and it can feel that God is very far away. This happens to all Christians and I know from personal experience, the feeling is paralyzing.

Our feelings follow our thinking. We act in accordance with our thoughts about God. This is very important to remember because the battle for peace and belief in God’s power and sovereignty is fought in the mind. I know there are those of you who are reading this right now that feel as if your life is in shambles. I know you feel that there is no end to this situation. You may believe God is sovereign, but that knowledge does not provide the comfort that you believe it should. Perhaps you are in this boat.

I have been in this boat. It’s a boat that is in a constant state of panic. It’s sinking fast and taking me down with it. Everything about my situation seems to be closing in around me and I feel very alone and lost. It is times like this that I remember the advice a very wise man once gave me. It is very simple advice, but vitally important and I have never forgotten it. He told me to think about Heaven. Think about the glory that Heaven will be. Think about the joy and insurmountable love that we will experience when we see Jesus for the first time? I have often wondered what those first moments will be like. Who will I see? What will I do? What will I feel?

I know one thing for sure. The pain and sadness I feel now will be a forgotten wisp, a faded memory. There is nothing that I can go through now that will even come close to the wonder of seeing Jesus for the first time. When I take my last breath and I am carried into glory, I will open my eyes and before me will stand the realization of all my joy and hope. Jesus will stand before me and all I will want to do is fall on my face and worship Him. When I think about Heaven, there is a joy that washes over me. I can’t explain what it is, but somewhere deep under the pain and sadness there is a link to a glory that is not of this world. A longing for something that is beyond what we know. An innate sense of more. A longing for our true home, where sadness and pain are but a forgotten dream.

I know there are those reading this that are struggling. I would like to encourage you with this song. It is a simple song about Heaven. I will confess that it brings me to tears as it guides my thinking to the glory that my true home will be. There is no sadness or pain on this earth that can stand up to the joy that comes from thinking about our true home. Jesus will be there. He will take us into His arms and all fear, sadness, pain, depression, anxiety and anything else that comes from this world will be thrown away, never to be seen or heard from again. This is what Jesus does. This is the hope that we have. Where He is, there we will be also. There is nothing that brings more joy than that. So when the fear and sadness hit you, do what I do think for a moment about Heaven and the joy of living with Jesus forever. Oh, the times we will have.