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Soli Deo Gloria

The reason we are here. The meaning of life itself. All eternity is wrapped up and filtered through this one, singular truth.
Soli Deo Gloria

It is my personal belief is that this final Sola is the culminating truth of all Christianity. I believe that the other four Solas find their meaning and purpose within the doctrine of Soli Deo Gloria. The entirety of Christian faith and purpose is found within this final pillar. We as Christians are mandated to live our lives for the singular purpose of bringing God glory. There is no other causes or mission to which we must adhere to. This is why we as Christians are here on earth. This is why God simply did not take us home after conversion. Everything we do, think, say, and are should be for the glory of God and God alone. Salvation is brought about in our lives for the glory of God alone. Sanctification is a process in which we learn and strive to bring God glory in every aspect of our lives. Glorification is when we see that hope that has been given to us culminated in unadulterated and incomprehensible glory. When we reach our heavenly home, we will be able to bring God glory in a perfect and holy way. Oh for the day that I get to see my Savior’s face and sing His praises without the filter and governor of my humanity and sinful nature. What a glorious day that will be. Yet I am here in this body and on this dirt and I am called to bring God glory even now in all my efforts. How is this done?

I believe that this is done by realizing that all things have been created and are sustained for the glory of God. He created the heavens and the earth for His pleasure. He created you in His image because that is what brought the most glory to Him. He is glorified through all things that He has created. He is even glorified in the hardest of situations and the darkest of sins. Although sin and evil is not something that is approved by God, He still receives the utmost glory from them because nothing that happens is out of His control and He never does anything it does not bring Him glory. Self serving you say? Narcissistic? Remember, this is God. He does not answer to anyone. There is no one higher than He is. He is the only one that has the right to glory and honor. All others are simply usurpers attempting to cling to glory with white knuckles. All that is and was and ever will be is for the glory of God and God alone. The reason this concept is foreign and strange to us is that we are not able to understand the plane on which God resides. It is too great and lofty for our minds. I believe that it correct response from us is to admit that we are inadequate to understand and simply fall to our knees and praise the One that had so much power and chose to love us. Make God as big as you can in your mind and then realize that that is not even a percentage of the glory that God possesses. Confess that all you are is meant to bring glory to God. Confess that you are inadequate to do so, yet Christ stands in your stead and enables you to do so. Confess that all glory for salvation, sanctification, and our glorification is due to God and God alone. Create in your life a singular purpose and mission for which you strive all the days that you have breath. Stand firm and erect in a society that strives towards self glorification and promotion and defy it. Stand for the glory of God in all that you do and never let anyone, including yourself, remove God from that throne. Picture of Christ hanging bruised and bloody on the cross listening to your words, reading your thoughts, and watching your actions and imagine what He would say. Better yet, picture Christ at your side every second of every day listening, watching, knowing all. Picture Christ with you in every private moment. Picture Christ with you in every aspect of your life. Then remember one very important fact. He is.

Soli Deo Gloria friends. It’s what it’s all about.