The Solas are nothing without Solus Christus. Without Christ at the center, the rest of the Solas are meaningless. They are all for Him and through Him. The person of Christ is the primary and center focus of theology. Everything must point and seek to glorify Him, or else it is simply knowledge that puffs up and rots the heart. The doctrine of Solus Christus clearly states that salvation is through Christ alone. All the work necessary to secure salvation is done through the work of Christ. There is nothing that the individual brings to the table in regards to their salvation except the rotting corpse that made salvation necessary. This doctrine was introduced as a result of the Catholic church claiming that salvation was procured through the buying of indulgences and good deeds that the individual needed to perform. It was a little Christ and a little human involvement. The logical and theological implications of salvation being a synergism is staggering. If man contributes anything to his salvation in any way, this results in the atoning work of Christ being something that is less than sufficient to achieve salvation. If Christ work is less than sufficient, He did not truly finish the mission that He was given. His words “it is finished” spoken on the cross are actually a lie. The work is not finished because there still is a part that must be played. This part must be played by man exercising his free will or good works and simply accepting the grace that is offered to him. This is simply not true. Salvation must be by the grace of Jesus Christ alone. Any other form of salvation is simply a lie and not adequate to cover the immense that that man must pay.

Solus Christus is the central doctrine of Christianity itself. If salvation is not through Christ alone, Christianity is built upon a lie and crumbles from within itself. Christ is the cornerstone, the foundation upon which our faith is built. He is the Alpha and the Omega, The first and the last, the beginning in the end, the highest height and the deepest depth. He is the reason we are saved. He is the reason we are able to call the supreme Creator of the cosmos our Father. He is the reason we stand before God as righteous and not sinners on our way to damnation. He is the reason the curtain is torn and we stand blameless. Christ is the reason that we can have peace when we lay our heads down at night and not fear where at our eternity would rest if we were to breathe our last that very hour. Christ is the shining glory of God Himself and at the mention of His name the mountains move and the rocks cry out. Our faith, hope, love, eternity, and very existence is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Solus Christus confesses that Christ is everything and we are nothing. It confesses that we find all we need in the person of Jesus Christ and need seek nothing else but His power to save. When all we have is Christ, we have all we need.