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There The Man Sat

I wrote this as a tribute to my grandfather.
There The Man Sat

There the man sat, old and full of years

If I look closely, I can see his tears.

A life long lived, joy and sorrows full

A life long lived, one can see the toll.

There the man sat, longing for home

No longer wanting this hard world to roam.

His one and only wish that I can now see

To be with his Savior, to finally be free.

There the man sat, frail in his frame

Yet strong in his mind, his faith is the same.

He longs for true life, beyond this dark veil

He awaits his Lord’s ship, at last to set sail.

There the man lay, a feeble breath taken

Trusting Christ’s promise, a life not forsaken.

“How long oh Lord, will it be this day?”

He longs for his Heaven, he has no dismay.

There the man lay, surrounded by the cloud

Of witnesses great, in glory and shroud.

He hears his dear friends, his loved ones of old

Is this the promise that he was once told?

There the man lay, his time now arrives

Death comes with fear, bearing doubt and lies.

“A river so deep, and regret brings a weight

There’s no way across, with your sins so great.”

There the man lay, he takes his last breath

This life rolls away and is embraced in death.

His fight is now done, his race has been run

He crosses death’s river, the battle’s been won.

There the man stands, in glory and light

His pain is now gone, his blindness now sight.

He sees his dear ones, gone on before

But that’s not what causes his new heart to soar.

There the man stands, his Savior he sees

Eyes fixed ahead, he falls to his knees.

A voice so profound, so gracious and blest

“Well done my young friend, enter thy rest.”

There the man kneels, Christ’s glory surrounds

Oh the sweet smells, the sights and the sounds.

Sought for so long and longed for so deep

Now rest is Christ’s mercy, your soul He will keep.

Here we all sit, lives feeble and frail

We still live here, on this side of the veil.

We fear and we grieve, we wish we could see

A glimpse of the promise, from sin to be freed.

But remember this truth, in pain and in fear

The One that holds time, still holds you near.

When our lives have all ended and from death we are free

One day we’ll meet Him, one day we’ll see.

-Dedicated to my Grandfather, now standing before his Savior, new and young again.