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Death Is A Door That Hurts

Death is a door that we all walk through. It’s painful and it tears at us in ways that nothing else does. Yet the grave holds no power over those that have Christ. Death is just a door, a door that leads to Jesus.
Death Is A Door That Hurts

It’s hard seeing a loved one on the brink of death.

It’s never something you are prepared for. It can hit you in a way that nothing else really does. There is something about death that seems so final. Yes of course I realize that seems a little obvious. But there is no other way I can describe the feeling. It makes everything else seem so small in comparison. There is really nothing that can be done to prepare you for that moment.

I think perhaps the reason it hits so hard is because it is the ultimate consequence of sin. It is real life proof that we still live in these body’s of death. Death comes to us all because we all have fallen short of God’s glory. Sin brings death. Death brings sorrow. Sorrow, without Christ, brings hopelessness. Even Christ grieved when those He loved faced death. It is right that’s we should grieve and feel the weight. It is a weighty thing. Death hurts. It hurts real bad.

But we do not grieve like those with no hope. Even with this ultimate reminder of our sin that we all experience, there is hope even in this. There is life found in the death of Christ. He came to saves us from death being something to fear. He came to save us from our sin and the consequence of God’s wrath. He came to bring us life and life abundantly. This truth takes all the pain and sorrow and turns them into hope. A hope that cannot be shaken or moved because it is not based on us, but Christ.

Death still hurts though. It does. It is a painful thing to lose a loved one. This is a natural emotion in these times. We are encouraged to mourn with those who are mourning. Yet remember, do not mourn like one that does not have the hope of Christ. Heaven will be so wonderful and so beyond our imagination, death itself will seem like nothing. So trust in Christ. Trust in His death and resurrection. Trust in the hope of our salvation. Trust that we will see our beloved family again. With Christ, death is just a door and there is life on the other side.