Dear Christian,

Don’t fear death. It’s simply a door that ushers us into a reality that is beyond our wildest imagination. In a moment, we leave this world with all its troubles and pain and are present with our Lord and Savior. What glory!

Please cut me some slack, I’m not a poet in the slightest. I was struck with this idea last night and it kinda rushed itself onto the paper. When I think of death, I want to think about it like this. I don’t want to be afraid. What is there to be afraid of for the Christian? Not a thing my friend. I hope this collection of thoughts gives you the hope and peace that comes with Salvation. I titled it, “When At Last I See Clearly.” Look to Christ, He is waiting for us on the other side of the door.

When at last I see clearly
And my breath is all but spent
I will hope in Your provision
The grace that has been sent
When doubt or pain speak softly
And cause my heart to fear
I’ll remember who has bought me
And who’s hands hold me near
When at last I see clearly
And all my pain is gone
When I’m rushed into your kingdom
The night will turn to dawn
When I see the streets of gold
Oh the lights, the smells, the sights
There will be no more darkness
No more fear, pain, or nights
When at last I see clearly
And I find those gone before
We will sing and shout for joy
And laugh forever more
As we stand hand in hand
What a love we will share
Praising Him that saved us
And gave His robes to wear
When at last I see clearly
And my Savior’s face I see
I’ll fall down at His feet
What a moment that will be
When all my hope is realized
And all I know is Christ
I’ll see the one who loved me
And paid my rightful price
When at last I see clearly
And my Savior lifts my head
I’ll see hands that took the nails
And withstood them in my stead
I’ll see the eyes of Jesus
What love, oh can it be
I know this and this assured
He is all I wish to see
When at last I see clearly
And Your labor in me is done
I’ll stand a work completed
And glory in the Son
What joy shall fill my heart
As I begin my life anew
I’ll sing with Heaven’s angels
All praise be unto You
When at last I see clearly
There in that Heavenly place
Your glory is all I’ll see
The glory of Your face
You gave me life and it's this I'll sing
For all eternity
I’ll rest in You forever
My Jesus, my Savior, my King
When at last I see clearly...

(Dedicated to M.)