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I’ve Got Nothing To Write About

Sometimes, you just got nothing to write about. This is one of those times.
I’ve Got Nothing To Write About

Sometimes I just don’t know what to write about.

I just sit here, staring at a blank screen, thinking about nothing. This happens a lot. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. Writing a blog, prepping a sermon, recording a video, it usually starts with me just staring into the lens or a screen like a zombie. This is one of those times.

I’m sitting on my couch looking outside. It’s getting dark later now. The early signs of spring are making their way around. Even though it’s not even March yet, I am still hopeful and looking forward to the day I don’t have to scrape the ice and snow off my car.

I have always been fascinated with the changing of seasons. God designed our world in a way that, as the earth rotates around the sun, it gives us a wonderful variety of weather, temperatures and memories. I’m sure we all have our favorite season, mine is fall, However, I have great memories from all four seasons. I’m sure you do too. The spring brings rain puddles and trips to the library. With summer comes hot weather, dripping popsicles, vacations to the ocean or camping trips. Fall brings the brisk days filled with coffee shops and bookstores. Winter of course has the holiday season and the wonderful time of being with family and friends. All of these seasons hold very dear memories and are special in their own way.

Life has seasons too. We go through times in our lives where we experience different things. Childhood is one season I’m sure we can all remember. I can remember learning how to ride a bike and that exhilarating feeling I had when my Dad let go of the bike for the first time. I remember my little sister being born and the wonder that filled my eyes as I looked at that little life staring back at me. I remember growing up on a ranch in Eastern Washington and having all sorts of adventures with my brothers. We would battle invisible orcs or dragons on the hills of our property. I remember the joy that came with riding my first horse and what it felt like to roll an ATV. My teenage years brought struggle as I, as most teenagers, believed I knew way more than my parents. I remember the “talks” we would have and the grace and love they showed me during those times. Believe me when I tell you I was an awful teenager. The fact I’m still alive right now is simply a testament to my parent’s long suffering. (I joke, but if I were my parents, parenting me as a teenager, I would definitely have not been as patient as they were) It was in this season I truly began to understand what it meant to be a Christian. My faith became my own and not something that I engaged in because of my family. This is where the Lord got a hold of me and began to cause me to understand the vastness of my need for Him.

Then comes the season of life I am in now. I’ve met the girl of my dreams, got married and are living our lives together in rainy Western Washington. This is for sure the most enjoyable season of my life so far. Yet as with them all, this season has its own cares and troubles that must be traversed. As I look back on my short life, I come to a realization. Each season is better than the last, but each season is also harder. Every season of my life has shown me again and agin that I don’t have what it takes to keep a perfect or ideal life. In fact, it seems the more I try to force life into the mold I want it to fit in, the harder life gets and the harder the lessons are.

Life changes and that’s ok. We all grow and mature in our experiences, convictions, theology, and overall perspective on life. The seasons we go through are God’s way of showing us our inadequacies and need for Him. They show us our need for someone to help us through our stumblings and fumblings. We should have this perspective when we look at our lives. Instead of looking at the past and wishing for the “good ol’ days” to come again or looking to the future and wishing for something better, I have found it to be most beneficial to be content with where we are at the moment, even if the moment is not so pleasant. Realize it is a season of life you will never get back. This should cause us to want to learn what we can and understand what it means to trust God more. This is how God teaches us, through the different stages of life. So whether you are enjoying the nice, warm sunshine of life or you feel as if you are in the deathly cold, know that God is with you in both these times. Know that God desires you to trust Him more than you do now. Know that He is with you through all the season of life and He promises to never leave. This is a wonderful promise we can take to the bank.