Due to a set of unforeseen circumstances, Josh is unable to be with us today. Fortunately he left his account unlocked, and so here I am. Who am I you ask? Well, I'm Lauren...his wife.

I figured we would break away from the norm and talk about something that I’m sure at least one other person out there really wants to talk about: dinosaurs.

Growing up my family went on a couple road trips. Since I really liked dinosaurs, my parents took some detours to go see some dinosaur-themed attractions. These are a few of the really cool ones.

Dinosaur, Colorado

The town is actually called Dinosaur, Colorado, and that’s pretty dope. I would venture to say that it’s on par with street name in Poland that translates to “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Speaking of street names, many of the streets in Dinosaur are appropriately named after dinosaurs. We’ve got Allosaurus Lane, Brontosaurus Boulevard, and Plateosaurus Place, to name a few.

George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah is home to giant dinosaur statues painted in bright, semi-realistic colors. (I say semi-realistic, but for all I know dinosaurs might have all been sky blue and purple.) They also have dinosaur sounds piped into the park to enhance the experience. I was probably about ten when I went to this place, and I gotta be honest—at that point in my existence, the dinosaur statues were a lot more interesting than the dusty fossils I had seen elsewhere.

Dinosaur National Monument

This place is located on the border of Utah and Colorado. It contains a ton of different sites where fossils have been found. The coolest part, back when I was ten, was the building that contained a giant exposed wall of rock, filled with fossils. If my memory serves me, you could walk right up and examine the bones.

Bonus: The Cadborosaurus

If local legend is to be believed, you may not need to look any further than your next ferry boat ride to spot this elusive Washington dinosaur. Throughout the years, there have been reports of a huge serpent-like sea creature with the head of a horse roaming the west coast. Though I’ve never seen Caddy myself, I’m holding out hope that it is real, along with the pterosaur from that Civil War photo.

So, anybody seen any good dinosaurs lately?