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Temptation itself is not a sin, but it can so easily turn into one. When this happens, we forget something very important. We forget that God is better.

Temptation is an interesting thing.

It always gives the promise of something great and something fulfilling, yet it never delivers. It is enticing and alluring in its promises. It has something we want, something we think we need, something we think we deserve. It doesn’t matter what the object is, temptation stirs our affections and tells us that there really isn’t a problem with what we want.

What temptation is really telling us is that whatever the object of our desire is, it's better than God. It says that we desire something other than God and what He promises. Now let me be clear, temptation itself is not sinful, even Christ was tempted in the wilderness. The sin occurs when we dwell on and allow the temptation to turn into action or affection.

Temptation turns into sin when we allow the object to becomes more important than our desire to please and follow God. Whether it’s sexual sin, pride, selfishness, chocolate, or something else, when we allow temptation to linger, that is when the trouble begins.

So how to we beat temptation? How can we turn our thoughts away from the sin we want and back onto God? I would say the first thing we do is take some lessons from Jesus and how He overcame the temptation He faced. Run to the Bible. Run to the truth you know about God. Remember who He is and what He has done for you. Remember that man does not live by bread or the desires of His flesh alone, but on the Word of God. This is vital for us to do.

Also, remember that God is better. He is better than anything you could possibly think you want or need. He is better than any desires or temptations. He is more satisfying than anything you could ever want. God is better. He is above all and there is nothing or no one like Him. Remember to always make God big in your heart and mind. When we desire God above all things, temptation will not have a place to get a foothold.

This short video is great. It helps me remember that God is better and that I need to be reorienting my mind to aline with His. There is no one like Him.