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The Calvinist (By John Piper)

This is a fantastic video from John Piper. This is just what I need heading into a full week (Especially Easter week) becasue it points me to Christ and all I have in Him. Please enjoy!
The Calvinist (By John Piper)

I know I know...I said we were done with this.

Sorry. I have to share this video. It is fantastically produced, beautifully written and the message is wonderful. The last line in this poem (voiced by the late R.C. Sproul) wonderfully summarizes the wonder of the Gospel. When all fades and we take our final breath, what is there to greet us but Christ and the home that He has prepared for us. What a wonderful thought. How great is the God we serve and how wonderful are His promises.

Think this week of what it is we gain. Start today and think about the glory of Christ waiting for us in Heaven. Think of the comfort and strength that He gives us everyday. Think of Jesus paying the price for you on the cross. Think this week of His blood being shed for one purpose, to wash you clean. Think of the triumph of Christ as He proved the grave wrong and stole the victory away from death and Satan. There is nothing more amazing than Christ. Think on these things this week. Happy Monday!