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The Wrath Of God

The wrath of God is a subject that many shy away form. What they don’t realize is that in doing so, they remove the very thing that gives the Gospel its depth and wonder.
The Wrath Of God

I wanted to share this video because I believe there is a very important reason for it to be shared. (I know...duh)

The reason being that the wrath of God is not talked about in mainstream Christianity today. It’s a taboo subject that is often glanced over, dismissed in its severity, or just forgotten completely. Whether this is because people are scared of it, don’t believe in it, or simply don’t want to offend, this very essential point of theology is forgotten in our churches and in our lives. Why is this doctrine so important? Why is it something that we must believe in and must talk about? I believe there are many answers to these questions.

First, the wrath of God must be talked about because sin is a reality and He is holy. God is a holy and righteous God. Every sin is an act of cosmic treason against Him. He makes the rules, He sets the standards. This is His right to do because He is the creator. When we sin and rebel against His law, His wrath must, (not just should) it must be kindled because He is a holy God that cannot (because of His very nature) allow sin to go unpunished. God’s wrath is just as much of an attribute to Him as His grace or love. God’s wrath must punish sin because He is holy and His nature demands nothing less.

Second, there is a misconception that God is being unfair to those that enter into eternal punishment. This is a common critique against the concept of God’s wrath. “If God is love, why does He send people to hell?” This is the common question. Let’s get one thing straight. God doesn’t need to “send” people to hell. We are conceived deserving hell already. Our natures condemn us before we even commit a sin. God is not somehow actively stripping people of heaven while they are on their natural path to get there, as that question falsely depicts. We are conceived deserving of hell and if left to our natural state, will grow to be natural haters of God and His ways. This is a reality. Total depravity is true and real. God is never unfair.

If there is at all anything unfair about God’s wrath it is this. That we, in our sin and constant hatred and rebellion against God were not the recipients of that wrath. That is what’s unfair. That Jesus, who knew no sin and who did nothing wrong would have the wrath of God thrown at Him in its entirety, for us. That’s not right. That’s not fair. I deserved that wrath, me, I deserved it. But I didn’t get it. Why? Because Jesus loved me. Because He would rather me be in paradise with Him than to consider equality with God as something to be grasped. This is what makes the wrath of God so important to talk about. Because it makes the Gospel so much sweeter. What is the need for Christ if there is no wrath? What is there to be saved from? The wrath of God is the backdrop that makes the truth of the Gospel so amazing and so wonderful. The fact that Jesus took the wrath that we rightly deserved should floor us. It should actually causes us to fall to our knees in reverence and gratitude and say “who am I Jesus, that you would love me?”

The wrath of God makes the Gospel wonderful. The wrath of God makes God’s holiness incredible. The wrath of God must be preached and proclaimed in Christianity today. We must not shy away from it because it is an essential part of a true and complete Gospel. People must know the gravity of their plight. They must know they need Jesus. Not just so they can be better people or live more successful lives. No! So that they can see the wrath of God is kindled against sin and that would make them run to the Savior and cling to His righteousness, His perfection, His sacrifice and His life. This is what the wrath of God causes us to do. This is why we must not neglect the topic. The wrath of God is what gives the Gospel its depth and wonder.