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We Bring Nothing

We bring nothing to the cross except the sin that made the cross necessary. This truth actually is what makes the Gospel so amazing. We had nothing and God gave us everything. Let’s start our week thinking about this.
We Bring Nothing

Do not be deceived...

Your stance before God has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with Christ. Only Christ makes you righteous. Only He gives you access to Heaven. Only through Christ is any of this possible. God sees you no different due to your works. God sees Christ. Beware teachers that say you must “do” something in order to receive the favor of God. Beware those that say salvation is something that requires both you and God to accomplish. When people say this, they cheapen the grace of God and make the sacrifice of Christ to be something much less than it is.

You bring nothing. Nothing but your sin. But that is the wonderful truth of the Gospel. Even with all your sin, God still chose to love you and send Christ. That is truly amazing. This truth should be on our minds all the time. This is why I write another blog about it today. The Gospel needs to be at the center of who we are. Everything we are must flow through the Gospel and the Gospel must flow through everything we are. There is nothing more important than the Gospel.

Here is a short video for you to launch the week off with. Start your week off right and focus on Christ and His grace. This gives the correct perspective as we live our lives. Be encouraged Christian, you were bought with a great price and you are loved. Cling to Christ!